Show (Mouse) cursor when sharing the screen

Is it possible to show the mousepointer for other participants when sharing my screen?
What must I do in order that the other(s) can see it?
Is there something to make it more prominently visible on the other side (e.g. a full screen sized crosshair or a bigger and more prominent mouse pointer)?

(I am using with Firefox 74.0(64 Bit) on Xubuntu 18.04.4 LTS, alternatively on an elder computer running the same version of Firefox on Xubuntu 16.04.6 LTS).

Could you please try this with Chrome / Chromium instead?
At least on Windows, Firefox nevers sends the cursor along when sharing the screen. Chromium does send the cursor along, perhaps on Linux it is the same.

Indeed, Chrome shows the
cursor. Firefox does not.

After sharing your
screen and ending the presentation, firefox alos does not wipe
away terminated presentation, rather the last image is show
frozen on the screen.

Another bug in Firefox:
If you start presenting some window but then decide to
restrain from it (don’t allow to share), you won’t be able to
present anything with firefox until ending and resarting
Firefox. It is not sufficient to leave this particular jitsi

Thank you for your hint.

By the way: there should
be some overview, what capabilities are present in which
software. My Android app for example seems to be unable to
display a presentation shown by someone else, at least not
every time.


Regarding to - Firefox have option for show or not show cursor in video.

Murz, thank you for the

However: What exactly
must I do such that a Jitsi session running from firefox under
Xubuntu 18.04 and presenting some other window lets the cursor
be transmitted like if someone presents the same with jitsi
run from Chrome?

Must I set any of the
items in in Firefox? Which one?

Searching for the keyword
cursor I found those hits:

The picture shown above
the part of your link which relates to the specific position
in that page looks more like than the respective dialogue in C hrome, not like my dialogue in Firefox
75.0 (64-Bit).

As I understand, this must me done in Jitsi code, so Jitsi must provide default config (enable or disable transmit cursor), and checkbox for override default setting. Maybe here is right place for this.

The browser compatibility doesn’t look that good yet:

Hooray, in Firefox is fixed!