Show loadbalancer bind IP and not JVB server


I’m currently running Jitsi in Production with two load-balanced jvb servers with haproxy.
The load-balancing works fine but when I’m connected in a room with more than one other person (so no p2p) the 'Remote address" is the IP of one of the JVB.

Is there a way to make the “Remote address” the one bind by haproxy ?



You need to make sure that proxy forwards port udp 10000 to the bridge, the bridge advertise that.
If you have a second bridge and want the same IP, you need to use another port and configure the bridge to use the different port and make the forwarding on the proxy.

Thanks for the quick answer @damencho .
But I’m not sure I wasn’t clear with my question.

The thing is haproxy forwards *:10000-20000 to a backend containing both bridges. The forwarding goes to the bridges 192.168.x.x address. But when I’m in a room the showed ‘Remote address’ is the bridge public IP.

I don’t understand how you can do that? How you can forward the udp traffic from a single public IP address to two internal addresses? How do you decide which packet to which ip address to go?

This is normal, as the bridge uses stun by default to discover its public address and uses that to pass it to jicofo when a channel is opened and jicofo sends it to the clients and the client uses it to connect to the bridge.

Hi, sorry for the late answer !

I was wrong on this part I just misunderstood the configuration sorry.

This explains a lot ! Thanks.