Show all participants

Hello, I want to show all the participants in the video conference interface, including those who have accepted the meeting and those who have not accepted the meeting, as well as the access status of all the participants, how can I do it, thank you!

There is no such feature and currently there is no other connection between calendar events (the features you want) other than the link of the meeting.
Normally the features you mentioned are handled by the calendar application.

Thank you for your reply. I have a question, I want to know the implementation principle of jitsimeet, why a user can join a conference by loading a link. Thank you!

Give more details, please? It is hard to me to understand what is your question so I can give you more details.
The code is on github and you can live debug it on

How does jitsimeet know which user has joined this meeting? If all the people I want to invite enter this meeting (including those who accept the meeting invitation and those who have not accepted the meeting), should I change the server-side code or the client-side code?

The signaling is around xmpp and muc. Whenever someone opens the page an xmpp connection is established over bosh and a participant enters a muc. All other in that muc are notified for that.

In order to make this work, you will need to make sure some authentication so people join with same user id they use for their calendars and make sure all clients have given access to their calendars so you can query the event with that room name, check the participants in the even and the participants in the muc either by comparing jid to email or if somewhere else you had created some mapping between xmpp jids and let’s say google calendar emails…
Changes mainly jitsi-meet, maybe you will need some serverside service to map authenticated users to the emails used in the calendar …

Is jitsimeet only connected when it is connected, and there is no state when it is not connected?

What do you mean?

I want all invited participants to enter this conference room, no matter how the attendee has accepted the invitation, what should I do?

Probably I’m not understanding correctly, but what is needed is all participants to click the link in the invite at the time of the meeting, this way they will enter the meeting?

If the participant does not click on this link and puts him on the video conferencing interface by default, can this be done?

If you want to implement a calling functionality, we have added some hooks in prosody and in the code to implement it. But the channel of exchanging ringing, busy and such messages are outside of jitsi-meet. You need to implement it yourself and use the iframeAPI for web and mobile SDK to create your own applications which you can handle ringing answering and such and use the jitsi-meet for the media/conferencing part.

How do I add a password to a video conference?

From the UI, clicking on the meeting info button, there is add password.

Sorry, I didn’t explain it. I want to add a password to the video conference on iOS. What should I do?

There is an UI option for that and in the mobile app.

How to set a password using the iOS SDK?

I don’t think there is such option at the moment.