Show active speaker in full screen automatically?

i am not sure if this is causing issue? participants see tile view of and if the click on any speaker they get full screen picture, but it does not change if another user starts speaking.
But in recording with Jibri it works fine.
What is setting to show active speaker in full screen automatically?

when in tile view there is by default a thin blue border around the user’s view where sound volume is at highest level. Setting this DISABLE_DOMINANT_SPEAKER_INDICATOR to false will disable it.

Thank you I was thinking same.
So how do I show active speaker in full screen automatically?

If I did not answer to this one it’s because I’m not sure of the answer… All I can say is that at the moment it’s supposed to work, but there are bugs in some cases:

anyone got answer for this?

how to show active speaker in full screen automatically? like zoom.

Active speaker shows automatically on full screen, if user does not click on tile view or an other participant.
It is evident from Jibri recording.
If you just join and do not click on any participant, it will keep changing automatically, of course if user clicks so see someone else then there is no way.
Another way is you can use follow me.

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Yeah… That works!!! thank you! :smiley:


I want to record video always tileview whenever moderator change the tileview mode option to speakerview or another else.

Is there a way to do this by default?


If you are using iframe api, you can try this api.executeCommand(‘toggleTileView’); whenever a participant joins.
I have not tested but you can try

Hi @kkd

It changes the view to Tile View for moderator but not Jibri’s user i think.

Thanks for your reply.