Should we use our own server or your jitsi service? limitations and time to configure


First thanks so much for Jitsi. It looks like tis going to help us significantly so support people using collaboration environments on and integration with RocketChat…

Now, we just set up our own Jitsi server, and started testing, then the question of any limitations comes up. When I research it looks like theres a lot of configuration requirements to get more features and there are strong limitations of concurrent users on a call.

We will be have groups of between 10 to around 100 i’d expect so should we go for continuing to customise the server or use your hosted service. One main reason we opted for our own server is to record and store videos, and also because the are security risks for some users that need protection of data…

Please advise… we had planned to go live tomorrow :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance so much

Could you organize video conferencing?
I am also looking for a solution for 100 users simultaneously.

For big conferences you need autosacle group with many jvbs and enable octo.