Should Vivaldi (Chromium derivative) be supported?

Hi, just used for first time yesterday, and it looks excellent. I’m on linux, Ubuntu 16.04.

However, my first attempt was in Vivaldi, a chromium based browser. It seemed to be basically working, until I tried the experimental “blur background” option, at which point everything fell apart… (see below).

I switched to chromium itself and all was fine - thanks to the community for a fabulous project.

Regarding Vivaldi: First, should I even expect it to work? The primary symptom is complete lack of video (which disappeared when I tried the “blur background” and has never come back).

Problems appear to be JS based, as system became very sluggish in response to GUI events, and completely unresponsive in some cases.

I have deleted all cookies and the browser cache, without luck. As I said, vivaldi appeared promising at first connect - I saw local video, but never did connect to a conference before I managed to screw it up :slight_smile: It still “claims” the webcam and microphone, preventing other apps from using them, but no longer displays any video.

Try also clearing localStorage (or opening an “incognito” window). We were seeing similar issue with blur on some versions of chrome. Perhaps we should disable the blue feature for Vivaldi.


Sorry for delay… but FYI, the Incognito window works fine. I’m assuming that clearing localStorage will assist in normal mode, but don’t have time to play.

From my experience, I would definitely disable blur in vivaldi. Even in Incognito mode, using it blanks the screen. Have to close the incognito window & reopen to get it back.

Thanks again for Jitsi Meet!