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Dear Dev-Team of Jitsi,

Just at the beginning: You’re doing a great job with developing this app!

We unfortunately can’t use the BLF-Pickup function - I have found this link, but these setting I couldn’t find inside

Jitsi App -> settings/extended/preferences-Editor

Could I change this setting or the global settings somewhere else?

Thanks a lot for your help…

Best regards!
Hakan Sevsal



You need to add those settings. You should already have<ACCOUNT_ID> for your sip account.



Dear Damian,

Thank you for your fast response - and again thanks for the hint you gave me - I really wanted to solve it of my own, so since you send me this email until now, I am on it but unfortunately it does not work… for sure there must be a failure on my own, but I cannot find it… and even now the notification button is still on, like the other side is going to be called instantly… You might have another hint for me? Why is this feature noch enabled by default??

Thanks very much!



I have no idea. Have you configured the correct values for Address, Group … the properties you had entered?
This is not enabled by default cause I think those values are specific to the client configuration, nothing that can be auto-discovered.
Sorry I haven’t played with those settings for years now…



Dear Damian,

No - so you gave me a second hint - thanks…

I hope tomorrow I am able to make it fly… my last question about this - I know what the group is, also name - but what does Address mean, and also pickup? Which values are meant with those? Address and Monitored lines… and Pickup… if you could gave me an example this would be great…

What exactly is meant with: Asterisk does not correctly implement RFC 4235. As a workaround, you can specify the Pickupline property. \1 in the template is replaced with the monitored extension. For FreePBX, specify **\1.

Should I use \1 instead of xyz ?

Thanks in advance…




See example of configuration Busy Lamp Field Bug of course you need to fill in the values corresponding your pbx setup.



Hi Damian,

first, please delete the personal contact informations of my first e-mail in this threat…

You link you gave me unfortunately is not a example I can work with - these lines are written as a question and this guy has also trouble to make it work… so please, I am not a dev so could you give me an example which I can use as analogy to solve our problem?
For example I have these values:

Name : tom
group : work
address of the provider:
pickup code of the provider: *811
account ID of Jitsi: acc83423945234324
How fill up these values inside the following lines: <ACCOUNT_ID> .BLF_LINE. n .Name <ACCOUNT_ID> .BLF_LINE. n .Group <ACCOUNT_ID> .BLF_LINE. n .Address <ACCOUNT_ID> .BLF_LINE. n .Pickup

And on the right side there is also the value side, which has to be filled up - but with which values?

thanks in advance


#8 with value Tom. Group with value work. Address with value *811 Pickup with value 1



Hi Damian,
Hope you are fine…

Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work, there must be a wrong setting or anything else I could not figure out.

Jitsi is a great Project but there are no descriptions how to make it work, especially this BLF-function.

If and I am sure you guys are interested in that this software is been used by lots of people and even in offices, you really should make some descriptions of it, how to set it up - not for developers. Less effort against great gain…

I searched the web a lot, and even with these hints you gave me, I could not make it work.

It would be too bad if this great software you spent lot of work and time is going to end, because of there are no descriptions for „normal“ users who want to use BLF. This is the only free software who could handle BLF…

I hope you and your colleagues could make a description one-by-one, so I can use this feature.

Thanks a lot…