Shibboleth when turn server on 443 - upstream proxy on port 4444 for web flux

Hello .
I can use shibboleth + nginx for an auth with our ADFS. In this case, Jitsi is on a default install with turn server listen to port 5349. But our Jitsi is configured with turn server listen to port 443 following this note :

In this configuration, I can’t reach shibboleth, no data in the shibboleth log.

When i change config for pointing turn server on 5349 and nginx web flux on 443 (exit 4444), i can reach my ADFS.

I use only one server (debian 10) for all of my installation.

is there anyone who uses this sort of installation with shibboleth OK ?

I have the same problem
nginx is set to port 4444 by default
if I change it to 443, nginx no longer works