Shibboleth / LDAP -- what to use? need some understanding / help

What i want is a simple sign up / sign in process, i know i could use jwt tokens and then just pass them on to jitsi for revoking access which isn’t coming off from my website
but then these two types of auth documentations is something i don’t understand very well.

so the usecase is simple, i’d want a simple signup/sign in flow that saves / retrieves from a database (probably mysql), now i’d like to use that to sign in to jitsi?

is that possible with LDAP / Shibboleth. i did follow instructions and created prosody users to sign in however, i have no clue how to sign up the user via a web interface to a prosody.

tokens, tokens anyone? :smiley:

okay, while i figure just enabling jwt tokens would do the trick for me, anyone who had some time could further explain what’s the usecase on LDAP and Shibboleth?

read a bit of this:

okay so, i know its sessions verifications and the whole handshake methodology…
i’d really love to have a short answer on how easy it is to implement for frontend users, let’s say i use firebase to sign up/sign in my app, now i’d want to make shibboleth work, how would that happen?