Shedule a meeting

How i can schedule a meeting?

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“Scheduling” in Jitsi Meet is just sending in advance a link to your meeting. This can be done in any calendar application, or just by email / direct messaging.

See for more details.

This Chrome extension makes it easier to send invitations including the link for a meeting.

Hello @bebomfim,

I know that this question is very old.
We develop an Opensource platform where you can add your server and then shedule your Meetings with your participants. The Software is completly for free and we have no payversion. Just try it out.
The Platform is written in german, but the backend is in english as well.
If you want to install your own instance, you can install it on your own server.
GitHub - H2-invent/jitsi-admin: Der Jitsi Admin ist eine Administration und Management Plattform für Jitsi Meet Server