Sharing YouTube Video for Mobile Devices

Currently only Jitsi computer users can share YouTube video and receive shared YouTube video. Mobile device such as cell phone do not have this function. Any chance this function will be implemented for mobile devices? Thanks.


Yes, I’m seeing the same thing, too, but it is inconsistent. It always seems to work on a computer but, on the mobile app, sometimes it works and sometimes it does not from the same device. I test today from my android and it did work, then it didn’t, then it did. I test in another call with users on phones and tablets and got the same inconsistent results - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t on the same device. Is this a known bug?

If not, how can I collect any information needed to report it as a bug? I am using Jitsi Meet and not my own Jitsi installation. Thanks.

Checking to see if anyone has a solution to this. We are experiencing similar results as reported above. A shared YouTube video during a Jitsi meeting works fine for all those users who have computers. But for users on mobile devices, the video and audio are not working well.

Similar to graceman, we are using Jitsi Meet and not hosting Jisti ourselves.

Bottomline, users on computers coming to the meeting are able to interact fully with the meeting and experience all aspects of the meeting. Mobile users (IOS or Android) have a very different experience meaning they don’t have video or audio or both for Shared YouTube content.

Looking for any help on this that anyone can provide.

Additionally, the same problem seems to happen for users that call into the meeting using the conferencing bridge number feature as well.

I have stumbled on this same problem. I am experimenting with the Share YouTube Video feature in preparation for an upcoming meeting. When I share a YouTube video from my desktop, it does not show up on my mobile app (Galaxy Note8, Android 9). Has anyone from the development team or admin acknowledged that this is a problem and indicated whether it has been assigned for investigation / resolution? Are end users of encouraged to submit tickets via GitHub?

p.s. I would recommend changing “You Tube” to “YouTube” in the title of this topic and either cross-posting it or moving it to the category.

I’m still willing to help troubleshoot and test if a developer is willing to work on it. Thanks

How do we get this to become a priority so developers will start working on it? I can help with testing as well. But this is significant issue in our organization continuing to use the Jitsi Meet platform.

I have this exact problem also. I need a quick response.

By the way, just as a word of encouragement to the devs, I do see a number of new and useful features in Jitsi Meet. I was delighted to see that it now distinguishes between multiple desktops when sharing a desktop and I can use presenter mode to share my screen and show my video. So, thanks for the progress.

When you are able to turn some attention to this one, I can help troubleshoot. Thanks - John

I would love to have this feature addressed too since it is so common to want to share a youtube video and using this feature works really well on computers, the audio and video are great.

As a work around for those who need to share audio and video, note that computer users can do this with the share button (bottom left of screen). You would need to select a tab rather than a desktop or window and then before completing the share, there is a “Share audio” checkbox in the bottom left of that dialog which allows you to share the audio from that tab. This feature works good. The refresh rate is not as good as sharing the youtube video directly but it works and the audio comes over well enough. I’d love to get the other feature working too eventually, but this works for now and it shares to all devices.

Screen Shot 2020-05-30 at 8.30.48 AM

yes, it’s a valid workaround, but only 5fps=suboptimal experience +heavy server and client load

@Telelocus I agree, I’d much rather have the share youtube feature working well everywhere. The frame rate can be configured, however that increases the network and server load as well and likely even the sharing client’s load.

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I upvote this update! With increasing users on devices other than computers (and people on YouTube all day long), mobile / app updates could get more attention. I’m happy to test as well :slight_smile:

I noticed an update just came through for my Jitsi Meet app on Android. I also noticed that I now see the shared YouTube video on my Android phone. I know this has worked sporadically in the past so I’m not sure this means the feature has been enabled.
Has the feature been enabled now for the mobile app? Thanks

It has been consistently working for me and other users. Thank you very much to whoever enabled this functionality on mobile devices.


Only some Videos are working on the phone App is there any reason why some videos from YouTube will play and not others?

I have a large meeting on Thursday the 17th and we will be sharing multiple videos and in a test run today some videos would play but others say the video is unavailable, why is this happening?