Sharing your screen

i have an online meeting server implementation, jitsi-meet . however when using my screen share. Shared document files are very fuzzy and slow to load. The receivers have to wait to see clearly. Can anyone help me fix this error. thank you.(internet is user sharing is good.)

I have set the sharing frame setting up to 30fps and it still doesn’t work

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Same here.

here is my config

const config = {
  startBitrate: "800",
  disableSimulcast: false,
  useNewBandwidthAllocationStrategy: true,
  constraints: {
    video: {
      height: {
        ideal: 720,
        max: 1080,
        min: 720,
      width: {
        ideal: 1280,
        max: 1920,
        min: 1280,
  videoQuality: {
    maxBitratesVideo: {
      VP8: {
        low: 200000,
        standard: 500000,
        high: 1500000,
      VP9: {
        low: 100000,
        standard: 300000,
        high: 1200000,

Do i need to modify any configuration values in program (JVB, JICOFO) other than Jitsi-meet config.js

Try turning on ‘Presenter’ mode while sharing (turn on your camera while screensharing). Does that help?


It doesn’t bring any improvement to video quality

Video quality was very good when sharing from the Firebox browser.
My chrome browser is the latest version, but the video is very blurry when sharing from chrome.

Take a look at this thread:

do you mean ‘latest stable’ ? I run 92.0.4515.159 (edit: Ubuntu 18.04/20.04 snap version) with Jitsi unstable from, err, 3 days ago, and I don’t see blur. It’s not very fast but I don’t use fast computers.

Presenter mode? is this a button?

Presenter mode = allowing camera while screensharing by clicking video button

ohh alright!

I had the same problem after the upgrade to the latest stable version of August 2021.
I rollback to the version of june 2021 and it’s again ok

I have the same effect as Taillevent.
After I applied updates on August 21, 2021, the quality of the video stream and desktop sharing is very poor.
If I reset my system to the status of 31 July, everything is good again.

I can confirm that Firefox sharing is crystal clear but Chrome is fuzzy

Just wondering if we have to wait for the next release ? this issue with chrome is not going any where :slight_smile:

I have to say that my Chrome Screensharing (Chrome 94) is crystal clear. Sometimes it may help to use a second monitor that is not multimillion pixels wide.

even on 2.0.6334 release ? do you think its chrome issue ?

in my case screen sharing is not working

Working in firefox and edge browser not working properly in chrome but images are not that clear as expected