Sharing screen doesn't work

Unable to share screen in Chrome or Safari. Suggestions? When in Safari it does something called recursion. When in Chrome it says I failed. Please advise. Thank you

Recursion is cause you are sharing your screen that shares your screen that shares …
Which version of Chrome is this?

Thanks. Couple questions. Do I have to use Chrome? Can I use Safari? I don’t typically use Chrome so what version do you recommend? Much appreciation.

You should always be updating to latest chrome.
The best experience is with Chrome/Chromium/Edge, Firefox, Safari in this order in my opinion, although I haven’t used Safari with webrtc.


I just updated to this Chrome Version below.
88.0.4324.96 (Official Build) (x86_64)

But when I try to share my screen from application window it still fails. I tried to attach a photo below.

When I try to share my screen with this version this is what I see

That is strange … what osx version is this?

MAC. Catalina

Strange, I don’t see this, but I’m on Majave.

That window is nothing we can do about, this is implemented inside the browser, you can check for open bug on chromium bugs and if you cannot find one, to open a new one and report it.