Sharing peertube on Jitsi Meet

I am working with the peertube community on this also. The capability to share either a youtube video or static file in jitsi meet does not work with peertube links, regular or embed.

An easy fix? Anyone else figure this one out?

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What you want to do is livestream. Use your RTMP key from peertube.

I do not currently run a jibri server and live streaming is not what we are looking to do. There is a great feature in jitsi that allows you to share either a you tube video or a static file with those in the meet.

This fails with error, “please profile a correct video link”

Oh, you mean sharing a video hosted on peertube in a Jitsi meeting. Well, peertube doesn’t give you a direct video link, it gives you a link to a webpage with the video embedded. The ‘Share video’ feature in Jitsi expects a direct video link. And you don’t need to run your own jibri server to use/test the feature - it’s available at

I use often to test features. I am glad it is there. I am chatting with the creator of peertube on git and will share this with him.

When jitsi receives a youtube link, is it a direct video link?

Will adding Webtorrent support help?

No, it uses the youtube iframe api. YouTube Player API Reference for iframe Embeds  |  YouTube IFrame Player API  |  Google Developers