Sharing JVB pool across multiple shards

I’ve been operating under the understanding that each Jitsi shard needs it’s own pool of JVBs, but I recently spotted several examples where a JVB could be configured to connect to different shards.

Is it now possible to have a single pool of JVBs and use it with several JMS servers? In other words, regional pools aside, is this now possible?


This seems like a more efficient setup since a failure in one JMS would not leave a whole bunch of JVBs disconnected. I’m aware that in this situation all meetings in the failed JMS will fail, but at least they won’t flood the other JVBs when meetings reconnect to the other JMS.

Assuming this is possible, are there any downsides I’m missing? Would Jicofo still be able to load balance efficiently (taking into account the load on the JVB that is used by meetings assigned by other JMS)?

This had been possible since we introduced octo.

The participant will reconnect and the jvbs so the initial connection, whether its the same pool or another pool will be the same.

Yes, the balancing is based on what the bridge is reporting and it reports it to every shard … so everything is based on the stress the bridge sees for itself.


Do I need to enable Octo support to do this?

If you want to spread load between jvbs for a single conference, yes. It is not mandatory.


Thank you for always being so helpful and patient. Appreciate it. :pray: