Sharing Jitsi resources


I am sure a lot of us are thinking of having the perfect infrastructure to run our Jitsi services and one of the biggest challenge is to get those servers and bandwidth to meet the demand especially when you have users geographically spread out.

I had this thought if any one in the community were keen to look at sharing servers together in a scalable setup.

I can help maintain them and create the setup and we all join hands with our servers across the work to create a better user experience.

I have been successfull at creating a multi domain setup on single server and also running it as a scalable setup.

I currently have 3 servers running as scalable at my end and most of my traffic is during the day time Indian hours. If there is anyone who wants to jump along who would have traffic during US / UK business hours and keen to pool along.

I just thought this could be a great community initiative and better use of resources.