Sharing entire screen fails on Mac with two monitors

Steps to reproduce,

  1. Browser on A computer and B computer both opens, video/audio works

  2. A has two monitors (A is Mac book pro with one external monitor)

  3. On A computer, click “Share your screen button”, choose “Your Entire Screen”, select Screen 1 or Screen 2, B does not see the screen.

Any ideas?



Hi Kaiduan,

We use it this way all the time, and I’m pretty sure we’d have noticed if it was completely broken. My guess is that it has something to do with your environment. Can you try and find under what conditions the problem occurs? Does sharing a window work? Does it work if you mirror the displays? Does using a different browser version make a difference?

You can also try to select and deselect the endpoint on the receiver side (or enabling/disabling the tile view mode). We’ve had some bugs involving missing keyframes that get resolved this way.

Hope this helps,