Sharing a PowerPoint slide show with sound

I can share a PowerPoint slide show via screen sharing as far as viewing the slides goes. How can I share the audio that goes along with the slides?

I’m interested in hearing about this. Powerpoint with audio is a useful tool in a virtual environment.

Hi Ron

Actually, after spending a while in unsuccessful research I ended up running the slide show with the mike in front of the speakers. Of course It worked, although I’d rather had a more integrated setup (!). Don’t know yet if I will carry on the search but will let the community know of my findings if any. - By the way, as you probably guessed I’m on Windows, and it looks like a virtual mic might help here.
Have a good day.

Thanks for the note.

I’ve already tried what you suggest, but the sound quality was horrible. I’ve converted my presentation to mp4 and can play it successfully as a Bluejeans user. However, I’d rather run Powerpoint directly over Jitsi.


Can you open it in a Chrome browser? If you can, you can just share that Chrome tab and enable sound.

Hi Freddie, quite an interesting suggestion that I will explore during the w.e. (hoping that my rather superficial knowledge of Chrome functions won’t be too much of an impediment).
Have a nice day.

I can open the mp4 version in Chrome and share with sound. Other listeners find that they can barely understand the audio.

If I mute myself, then there is no sound. So apparently the audio is still issued through my speaker to be picked up by my microphone. I believe that there are cancellation routines designed to minimize feedback. This is not what is needed here! Should shared sound be sent directly to some kind of virtual microphone?


Thanks for the feedback - actually, searching for “windows virtual microphone” yields many interesting (promising?) results - homework for this w.e.

Just created a new topic “Using a windows virtual microphone”…


I am very much interested in sharing sound documents, what are the solutions with Windows ? PowerPoint ? … ?
I succeeded doing it with my Mageia Linux PC, using Vivaldi browser (§) (I guess any browser is OK) : as input / recording sound I am able to choose the sound shared with the “mixing console” (Contrôle du volume PulseAudio). But I am unable to do it the same way with Windows, unfortunately most of the members of my association are using Windows …

(§) :
My default browser is Firefox with several add-ons. For being sure that none of these add-ons is generating problems for Jitsi, I prefer to use a browser with no add-ons; and I like Vivaldi.


See my other topic: using a Windows virtual microphone.