Shared screen don't stream, but shows preview

Hi everybody,

actually I have the problem, that in some networks it isn’t possible to use screen sharing.
When I activate screen sharing and also my recipient, chrome asks us for permissions. After that both can see a preview of the shared screen, but only the own one. So I think it’s a streaming problem.

The weird thing is, that not every network has this problem.

When I try it’s working fine, also from networks having problem with my self hosted Jitsi.

Any suggestions? :slight_smile:

Do 3 tabs with just a camera works in general?


Thanks for your answer. I tested it on my own:
In general 3 tabs on same device with camera active is possible.

I can’t check from remote if it’s possible to use 3 camera in a network with problems, cause this pc doesn’t have a camera plugged in. So I have to check this tomorrow.

But it also tested if it’s possible to send my camera through a “problem” network. -> This doesn’t work, too. So I checked the console of the client in the problem network and find many errors like these:

[modules/RTC/BridgeChannel.js] <_handleChannel/e.onclose>: Channel closed: 1006


GET wss:url/colibri-ws/default-id/…/…?pw=… HTTP: 403 authentification failed

When I try to stream my camera on the a pc at the problem network, this error don’t exist.

I found the problem: A colleague of mine made a mistake at the firewall settings outbound port 10000 wasn’t allowed.