"Share your screen" does not do so

I see 13 minutes into this Youtube video that clicking “Share your screen” should bring a popup asking me to choose among “Your Entire Screen”, Application Window", and “Chromium Tab”. However, for me, clicking “Share your screen” does nothing. No popup, no error message, nothing at all.

I’m using meet.jit.si via Chromium (I quote): Version 73.0.3683.75 (Developer Build) built on Debian 9.8, running on Debian 9.12 (64-bit).

Any tips?

After a good night’s sleep, I still can’t see what I’m doing wrong here. Nonstandard extensions all turned off, cookies flushed away – no change.

On a whim, I closed Chromium and tried in Firefox (version 68.7.0esr, using the same OS on the same computer). I ignored the standard warning that I should be using Chrome. Nothing is obviously wrong (though I haven’t yet attempted to communicate with anyone else). I clicked “Share your screen”, was asked “Will you allow meet.jit.si to see your screen?”, and yes, I can share my screen.

So whatever is preventing the combination meet.jit.si+Chromium from sharing my screen is not also preventing the combination meet.jit.si+Firefox from doing the same.

Comments welcome!

The Chrome extension “Screen Sharing” (version 1.0.5) is installed, and enabled. Doesn’t work.

Am I perhaps overlooking some vital setting in Chromium? (I looked through the settings, but didn’t notice anything there.)

Same issue here, has there been a solution?