Share vimeo video? (similar to share from youtube?)

Hello, I am new here…
Is there a way to share a video from vimeo? (like there is from YouTube)? Or alternatively from my local drive (but in high quality, not as a screen share)?

Thank you!

There is a way but a bit complicated… You should create a virtual camera which is binded to the video.

This topic shows how to do it on Linux

explain the word “share”

In meeting options (three dots) there is “Share a YouTube video” which allows everyone to watch a video from youtube, shared by the host. I would love to have the same way to share a video from vimeo…

Thank you. I will check. That I assume related to self-hosted installation?

I’m not sure I understand: “Wordpress” or “html”? Eventually I would like to embed jitsi on my wordpress website, but this question is not related to that. When I go to and start a room, there is an option “Share a YouTube video” (please see the screenshot) – when I paste a YT link there, the video is available to share with other participants. I am simply asking if there is a way to share a vimeo link?

Nope there is no other options other than YouTube for now.

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there are other options than youtube