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I’m recently looking for a video conference solution, and Jitsi seems to meet all my needs except for one. I would like to share a video live from a local source (a file on my computer). I know that I can share videos from YouTube, but that’s not always possible/convenient. Is my demand possible? Are there other workarounds aside from uploading them to the cloud?

i wonder if it is possible to use lib-jitsi-meet api but instead of grabbing camera and microphone, it could grab the video source and audio source of the local video using ffmpeg then create local track and joins the conference and so media can flow to the bridge and distributed…furthermore since this is only on way no need to add any remote track…and lastly doing it in the browser might not be possible definitely can try using jitsi-meet-electron…just an idea…maybe @saghul or @damencho can give some input?? :grinning:

Would the screensharing option not work for you? Alternatively, I sometimes use manycam and other similar software does exist that creates a new camera device that’s detectable by the browser and you can determine what gets shown on the camera, which includes local media files. (I’m not endorsing manycam though. I haven’t done my research.)

Thank you! I was thinking about something similar to this. The problem is how difficult is the implementation of this feature. Given my background as a student, I’m afraid I’m too young (as in the age of programming experience) to do this myself. I’m wondering if someone on the dev team is considering to implement this already? If not, I might try to do this myself, whatever it might take.

Sharing screen: I tried sharing screen (app window mode) and playing video in VLC, in which case the video doesn’t get shown, it’s just a black screen. Window’s default video player doesn’t even show up as a window type. Sharing whole screen works, but I don’t always want people to see what I’m doing on my computer. But that’s a solution. The best though, is to play video in Chrome using its default player and share a chrome tab. However, the quality is bad: the frame rate of screen sharing is too slow to catch up to the video, and it seems like the video is intermittent.
Another thing, how can I share system sound if I really share video like this? (I know that Realtek driver has a stereo mix, but my computer doesn’t have that.) Also, I would like other people to do this easily, without using other software or technology besides jitsi itself.

The camera way might be better since the camera content isn’t intermittent. I didn’t try, but I’ll. The thing is I want people to do this easily, and putting video through the camera is too difficult for some.

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Is there a way to share local videos in a usable quality?
Share by chrome tab don’t worked for me. Maybe dependent on video quality? Maybe I need to reduce the video quality before streaming it to a jitsi room?

Any hints about usable video sharing with local / remote video files?

You might want to check this out - I'm at Jitsi Hackathon, need helps for a new Jitsi component, Jitas (Jitsi Assistant)