Share sound in a jitsi conference?

Does anyone know how to share sound in a jitsi conference? Or how can I play an mp3 file on my laptop and make the audience hear it?

Open the file in chrome and from desktop sharing, share a tab and select the option with sound. In the next releases there is option similar to desktop share, which is sound share and you can use the same tab sharing but only the audio from it

Thank you for the suggestion, but I only see the option ‘scherm delen’ = ‘share screen’ , and that doesn’t seem to work. How can I activate ‘desktop sharing’?

It is there for all browsers by default:

Mind that you need to be audio unmuted to make it work, the audio from the tab is mixed and send through your audio channel established to the bridge …

Thank you! I found it.

Does audio unmuted mean to mute the micro?
Microsoft Edge is chrome based. Does the video sound sharing work? Or do I have to use Google Chrome?
You Tube video works on Opera, but the sound has a looooong delay, unusable.