Share screen option is missing from toolbar in mobile browser

I am using Jitsi official site for arranging a meeting.
After joining a meeting, I could not see the share screen option
I am using Jitsu web from Google Chrome for the Android browser.
This feature is available from the Jitsi Mobile app.

Yes, using the mobile browser has its limitations as screen sharing is not available.

Hey, Damian!
Is there any plans to add screen sharing support of Jitsi Meet calls in mobile browsers?

AFAIK, this is not due to missing implementation in Jitsi Meet but rather support for getDisplayMedia() which is currently missing in mobile browsers.

From MediaDevices.getDisplayMedia() - Web APIs | MDN :

Until mobile browsers implement that, not sure there’s a lot that can be done.

If you need screenshare on mobile, use the mobile app/sdk.

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