Share Screen not currently working

Share screen currently not working at the moment

On what platform?

I’m using the iframe Api on my website. What I have noticed is that when I have one participant, Screen sharing works fine. once the participants become more than one, all they see is a grey screen and nothing displayed is visible to them.

Its not working on Meet from multiple servers. I had 1 user who could share using Firefox but nobody can share using Chrome.

You reported this already. Posting the same issue in multiple threads will not hasten the fix. Like I already advised, it’s being looked into.

Are you also using the iFrame API?

Yes … it seems to work for Firefox users but not Chrome right now … it has worked with Chrome before ok

Please note that this issue happens only when the users join video muted and then start sharing their screen. A workaround for this issue until a fix gets pushed out to is to turn on the camera on once before sharing the screen.

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oh good info thanks