Share Screen Function Unstable

I cant see the share screen from the host, sometimes it works if I logout and reopen it but sometimes it cant.

Anyone facing the same question and how can I solve the problem?

Please provide more details about the environment where you are experiencing this.

Thanks Saghul, I cant login at the moment… what should I provide?

I am using an App that embedded Jitsi Meet, only the sharing screen cant function well. My teammates using different devices but the problem occurs too

What versions of the server components did you install, what SDK version you are using, what types of devices and versions are you using, and generally anything you think might be relevant.

Same Problem here. Often other Participants get only a grey screen of the sharing. Changing FPS-Setting helps sometimes, but then again screensharing resoluition is lousy,. Is ther a chnce to configure minimum sharing quality or priorize that stream to limit compression?
Jitsi selfshosted on Debian Bullseye, openjdk 11.0.13 2021-10-19, meet v=5675