Share Screen Function Does not work with external monitor

I have problem with sharing screen, if I have external monitor connected via HDMI to dell notebook docking station. It does not work in firefox and edge. Chrome has problem with micro. enabling, so I do not use it at all. If I disconnect hdmi cable, and use to jitsi meet only on notebook, there is no problem with it. Is there any stable solution for this issue? SaaS version has no problem with it, but new installed version from does not work. I was testing closed laptop connected to monitor, clone screen and also with two screens. It is the same. Only way to use it, is without connected external monitor.
Thank you for any help.

Do you reproduce this on And you see the problem when using the latest from stable?

On it has no problem. It is perfect. Problem is with latest stable build. Thanks.

The one that was released yesterday? Or the one before?
I’m just trying to figure out the versions.

Current is using stable 2.0.6826
Not sure how it is possible to have different behavior of that using and the latest stable release.

Just to clarify, by “installed version” do you mean Jitsi Desktop app? or self-hosted Jitsi service from latest release?

self-hosted Jitsi service from latest release