Share Screen disabled

Hello guys!

Well, for some requirements we had to install the Jitsi custom frontend to make modifications in messages, UI and other things. But since we made these modifications, actions such as screen sharing were disabled. I have been looking for guides or default configurations to try to reconfigure and do it correctly. On the other hand, I have read that this function had been disabled by bugs. I would appreciate your help and if you need the configuration files, I will share them as soon as possible.


There is no configuration that can lead you to this state … you can hide the button or show it …
Maybe there is something custom doing this … so you need to find it in your code … start here jitsi-meet/react/features/toolbox at master · jitsi/jitsi-meet · GitHub

There is no such thing …

The screensharing button doesn’t work in some Firefox Versions, as I experienced with customers.

What version of Jitsi are you running?

And what are the Firefox versions that does not work?

Was able to get the information from todays case:
Customers PC was/ is
Windows 21H1
Firefox 92.0

Can’t reproduce it on my ubuntu machine

Are “App Permissions” correct for Firefox in the Control Panel?