Share recording with meeting participants usage?

What is the use of this toggle button? Share recording with meeting participants?
I could not find any documentation about it.

It appears when you click start recording but don’t have dropbox integration enabled.
Could anyone shed some light? Thank you.

This flag is propagated to the meta file in jibri. If you are using jwt for participants you will have the user ids there in the meta file and can use it so your system can store the recording just for the creator or can send it to the rest of the participants.

Thanks for the reply @damencho
When you say send it to the rest of the participants, do you mean the link to the recording will somehow be shared via chat maybe?
Or do I have to implement that in the finalize script?

This is something you need to implement in your system … depends on your ids and ways to communicate, this is an operation out of scope of jitsi-meet. This is something that can happen after the conference has finished …

Before I go down the path of developing recording to my local pc has anyone had any success Share recording with meeting participants, your advice or input would be appreciated

@Eredox after recording is done. Jibri has a finalize script. You can write any bash code there and it will run after the recording has been completed. It does not by itself have any context of the meeting and its participants however