Share pictures in iPad app Jitsi Meet


I am using the Jitsi Meet app in my iPad to communicate with my father, who lives in a home for elderly people. I would like to share photos that I have in my iPad with him, but I do not find that option in the menu under the three vertical dots, only share a YouTube video. Or how do I do it?


Welcome to the forum, @ErikL!

One way to do it would be to open the Photos app on your iPad, then when you start the meeting in Jitsi, choose to share your screen and select the Photos app. That way, he’ll be seeing what you’re seeing in the app.

OK, but I do not see the option to share my screen in the Jitsi Meet app. Neither is it listed in the Photos app as an alternative for sharing. This is what I see in the Jitsi app.

Oh no, try using your browser on the iPad instead of the app. That should give you the screen share option. I’m not 100% sure it would work though because it’s still recognized as mobile. Try and let’s know.

Thanks! I will try that next time.