Share jibri recording

Hello, can someone please explain me the difference from file RecordingsServiceEnabled and file RecordingsServiceSharingEnabled? I want are share recording from meeting for patisepants. If I are put file RecordingsServiceSharingEnabled: true I no see anything are let me send file to people. Please explain me how?

This is just a flag that make it to the jibri, there will be information in the metadata what the client selected so you can implement your logic there.

@damencho I sorry, but I no understand what this are mean

If I are want to make that after recording every partesepant are able to download meeting recording that are not what this for RecordingsServiceSharingEnabled: true?

When recording finishes you can handle sending it to the users here: jitsi-upload-integrations/ at 5e95823a8a61325167efa53522bfb493f4beecf3 · jitsi/jitsi-upload-integrations · GitHub
You can read whether share was enabled, and you can read the user ids from the meta file, match it to your user base and use your method for sending the recording to the users.

I no really understand but thank you for response :smiley:

What he meant was that in the shell script you can add the url oath of your script that handles upload. When you share a recording you basically record it and upload it to a remote server/location and from there distribute it to others as link or so.