Share from my own video server rather than YouTube

just as the title says, is it possible to share/stream a video from my own video server rather than YouTube. With my own installation of Jisti Meet.

If you create an RTMP link to your server, yes.

okay, when i try to play/share a video our jitsi instance says “please provide a correct youtube link” . This is where my confusion is. Where are we supposed to make the change so we can play other than YouTube links.

Apologies. I thought you were talking about streaming, hence my mention of RTMP. I’m not sure what your exact use case is, but if you access your server and play a video while in a meeting, you can simply share that video through screensharing.

ahh, okay. Yeah, we were wanting to present some videos to some clients, the videos are already loaded on our video server (which is accessible externally)…playing from YouTube works fine…just requires setup before the meeting and doesn’t allow us to be as agile as we want. Screensharing and playing a video just isn’t as smooth as the “share video from YouTube” feature. Plus 90% of my users are mac and Chrome on macOS doesn’t allow to share audio yet (unless i’ve missed something). Thank you for your response.

Ah, I see. Yes, you actually can share audio through Chrome on Mac as well.

Ha! I literally just found/saw where you can share audio on a mac. i’m going to play around with it. Thank you.