Share desktop on multiple rooms

Hi to all, my question: is it possible to share same desktop or desktop app on multiple rooms from my pc or there are some limitations? i ask this because i have succesfully installed jitsi and two jvb balancing machines and i succesfuly share same desktop over two rooms but starting from the third, fourth and so on share stop working, but if i return to only two rooms share restart.

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If you ignore the screensharing, if you open 3 tabs in chrome does this work? If not check your firewall, portforwarding and that jvb announces correct public address, for more info check advanced section of quick install guide

Thanks for your reply. My installation works well opening also three or more tabs in chrome.

So it sounds to me like a bandwidth issue on the server or on the client.

Thanks damencho, but test was made between 5 pcs connected to our installation in local LAN setup so all 5 participants and jitsi server are in a 1 gbit LAN and 3 pcs are i5 intel with ssd disk
and 2 i7.

Can you show a screenshot? Also jvb is installed from package right? There are some important sysctl settings about network buffers.

Thanks damencho, yes jvb and all packages on ubuntu 18.04 are installed from official jitsi repo; and yes all sysctl’s jvbs machines configured with udp buffers mentioned. I’m able to take screenshots tomorrow.