Share desktop and video at the same time

Can I start the video while sharing the desktop in the settings?

Yes you can. Just start sharing your screen and then unmute video.

Yes, so that the other person can see me when sharing

but… i mean
Can I see the other party while operating the screen?

Yes, they’ll show up in the filmstrip to the right.

I still can’t see the other party when I operate the screen

Hi, I am guessing that if you had two computer monitors, then you could operation the screen with what your sharing in one, and watch the Jitsi meeting in the other. Is this possible to do?

One option is two monitors, or you can use jitsi-meet electron app where there is a always on top window. With latest chrome (and Firefox, I think) you can click on a participant video and do pip where the video will be opened in new window …