Share computer audio in Meet


We have a recurrent question of our customers: "How Can I share music in my class?". Not their audio about their expications (voice), if not the audio that is playing in their computer.

For example, he is doing a class about Yoga and need a relaxing music in the background. In their computer he play a song, but that music doesn’t sound in Jitsi Meet.

Our clients would like that participants in the meet could look their explanations in video at the same time that music of their computer sound in background.

Is that possible?

This is possible, with some limitations. It works on Chrome browsers only.

On macOS and Linux you can only share the audio of a tab, not the full system audio. On Windows, you can share the audio of the full desktop too, see a “share audio” checkbox at the bottom of the screen picker.

If you only want to share audio but not the tab or desktop itself, we have that coming, it will be available soon, same limitations apply.


@DavidTIMP You can also research Voicemeeter (virtual cable). It does an excellent job.

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Even with these limitations I like the Share audio feature ! (I only recently updated Jitsi and noticed the new features).

On one of my laptops, using the internal microphone and speaker, sharing desktop, the audio on Linux was still coming through the meeting. When I used headphones, the audio did not. The laptop does not have echo issues either. I wonder if anyone else has observed similar behaviour?

Probably the mic captures the speaker audio

I guess so, similar to a person speaking. So echo cancelling is between the microphone and the sound coming out of the Jitsi session (not sound coming from the computer)? I kind of I think I understand (maybe).

Do you know what the current situation is?
I’ve been testing and checking this topic but I see that you still can’t share the audio from the computer, is that correct?

Correct, that’s a platform limitation and I don’t think that’ll change.

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On macOS, to share a local video, I suggest, open the video in the browser and share the browser tab. This way you can share video and sound.

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