“Share audio” and Bluetooth headset not working

The fairly new feature where you share audio from a chrome tab is cool, but I can’t get it to work as intended.

When a meeting host, using a Bluetooth headset with built-in mic, shares audio from a chrome tab, the host can hear the audio, but the participants can’t, they can only hear the host microphone.

I tried with another Bluetooth headset which resulted in that the participants can hear shared audio, but the microphone used is the computers, so the voice coming from the host is bad.

Is it a hardware limitation that it’s not possible to get input sound from chrome audio sharing and a Bluetooth headset microphone?

Any help is much appreciated :pray::pray::pray:

Sounds like a potential bug, can you please open an issue on GH?

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I will do that.

Just to be sure, you do not see any limitations, to explain why this is not working?


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