Share ASIO Audio of a DAW Sofware (Cubase, Reaper, Pro Tools, Ableton)

Hi I am looking for a screensharing software where I can share audio sound of my daw. It’s a ASIO Driver and skype, teamviewer, whereby, google meet or any other tool does not support asio system audio.

Does Jitsi support asio system audio?


I use to route my audio from my Fruity Loops DAW. If I recall correctly, it supports ASIO.

Best of luck.


Thanks. I already use Voicemeeter and I noticed when I do screesharing sessions with musicians, almost no one can handle this problem. It’s too complex to fix it in a moment for most of them. I was asking myself if there is any screensharing tool on the market without installing any additional routing software?
This would makes it much easier for musicians to work together.