Share a movie


I just got jitsi running in a droplet
specs: shared cpu 1vcpu and 2gb ram in ubuntu 18.04.3

My question is how to get a smooth movie sharing experience?
I already set the framerate between 15-30

I’m just starting so it would be great if anyone could help me out.

What bandwidth is available? How many people are you trying to host at once?

Hi Neil,

Thanks for the reply!

I think my bandwidth is good, I’m migrating from zoom, until now it worked fine to share a movie (in zoom).
download 400mbit/s
upload 40mbit/s

I did a test with two people. When I share it I see it in my own browser being slow and the other person sees it slow. Is that because it is first going to the server and then back to me?

I just have no clue if this is a settings problem or a server spec problem.

I love this application!

Thanks in advance.

Fixed it :slight_smile:

It was a little problem on my side with the code :grinning:

thank you!

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