Shadow user and permanent Jitsi meeting

Something appears to be bugged regarding the usual meeting place for me and my team. There’s a permanent, always logged in shadow user doubled from my original one. The shadow user has the moderator credentials so we cannot kicked it out and because of its permanent nature the meeting for now lasts 1400+ hours.

For a bit it was a reason for jokes, but currently its a bit tiring and I’d greatly appreciate if technical support could kick the shadow user out. Im not sure how the shadow user was created - I have a suspicion it may be something due to me using jitsi on 2 seperate devices (laptop and phone), but it isnt in any way connected to them running now (lack of Internet access or turning the devices off doesnt do anything to the shadow account).

I think this is something for the disroot administrators. The jitsi project does not run that deployment.

As a side note, if the admins upgraded to the latest prosody or applied the muc_owner_allow_kick patch, then it is possible for one moderator to kick out another.