SEVERE: [19] Health check failed in PT2M15.530229S:

Hey Team,

We were facing some issues with jitsi, the conference call fails whenever a second guy tried to join the call.I checked mine jvb.log and jicofo.log file found something different from regular logs will share here also, but the issue was fixed after restarting the services but i want to identify what those logs meant, and what was the issue.
Infact there is no such traffic on the server

Something is definitely wrong there…a health check should complete within milliseconds, so taking over 2 minutes is definitely unexpected. Can you attach the full jvb log? That might show something.

These are logs which were logged just before this Abstraction error, Infact we found out through Grafana Ram Monitoring Graphs, that at the same time our Memory just crossed more than 1.8GB, which normally fluctuates to 1GB and our server is actually of 2GB of RAM.
But we are not able to identify the abnormal behavior or RAM Utilization.

What bridge version is this?

I don’t remember any specific issue, but that bridge is pretty old, I’d take a look at upgrading.

any inputs?