Several issues during meetings

Our club has been using Jitsi for their monthly (and a few extra) meetings since August now and we took the $1/month offer as it seems we won’t be able to meet “IRL” in the near future.
We noticed that in both jitsi instances (free and*****) we have the same issues.
Maximum participants is 20 with 12-15 being the norm. All have cable/VDSL with at least 50/20Mb connections, mostly Windows and recent Chrome/Firefox browsers
Now the issues:
Some participants video is not showing for some others (I see a difference between my laptop and desktop in the same meeting)
Some participants don’t see the moderator’s shared screen, others do.
Shared screen seems to hang for certain participants while others see the screen update as intended.
Participants video freezes or drops occasionally but not for all others viewing, I see this happen as I monitor on the desktop and participate on my laptop.

Looking at the analytics for our***** meetings all connections are marked as “bad” except that are “fair”. With many having 100/20+ connections I wonder what it would take to have an “excellent” connection :wink:

Anything that can be done to solve these issues?