Several issues during meetings

Our club has been using Jitsi for their monthly (and a few extra) meetings since August now and we took the $1/month offer as it seems we won’t be able to meet “IRL” in the near future.
We noticed that in both jitsi instances (free and*****) we have the same issues.
Maximum participants is 20 with 12-15 being the norm. All have cable/VDSL with at least 50/20Mb connections, mostly Windows and recent Chrome/Firefox browsers
Now the issues:
Some participants video is not showing for some others (I see a difference between my laptop and desktop in the same meeting)
Some participants don’t see the moderator’s shared screen, others do.
Shared screen seems to hang for certain participants while others see the screen update as intended.
Participants video freezes or drops occasionally but not for all others viewing, I see this happen as I monitor on the desktop and participate on my laptop.

Looking at the analytics for our***** meetings all connections are marked as “bad” except that are “fair”. With many having 100/20+ connections I wonder what it would take to have an “excellent” connection :wink:

Anything that can be done to solve these issues?

29 days of silence.
Nobody experiencing the same low quality meetings?

Did you try to further analyze your findings to see if there’s any correlation whatsoever between the participants that are having issues? Say, for instance, are they all using the same browser (Firefox is often a culprit)? Are they all on a specific network or behind a firewall? What about their system (computer) specs? All these things could serve to clue you in on what could be happening.

I know users are spread over at least 4 ISPs, all on private connections (no company firewalls). Cable as well as DSL, at least 3 different modem models. Firefox, Safari and Chrome, windows (10 home/pro), Linux and Mac.
Just about everyone has reported these issues. Sound is almost always OK, video freezes often for at least one user while other video keeps active. For some users the moderator’s shared screen freezes when going through a powerpoint presentation leaving them with previous screens while others see the new pages.
It seems random as it happens to all users at some time. Leaving the meeting and rejoining sometimes fixes things.
It also bothers me that statistics show “poor” connections on 100/20, 100/30 and even 200/30 Mbit connections. None have “good” connections some are “fair”.

I’ll get a poll out in order to know exact numbers on OS/Browser/ISP/modem/UL/DLspeeds

OK, from the ones who answered my mail about their jitsi use I’ve got a mix of different setups. 2 have 16/3 Mb connections others have 57-240Mbit up and 20-30Mbit up. All are wired, no WiFi
All use Windows 10 (home/pro) with a mix of Chrome/Firefox/Edge.
The last meeting I monitored on W10 Pro + Firefox, Win10 home + Chrome and Android7 + 8x8 app.
Only the app had no issues (but screensize is insufficient for presentations) , ALL others had video that disappeared / appeared from different other participants and had intermittent frozen video of some users. Also screenshare “hung” or lagged behind for some users at some point.
All this with less than 10 participants.
“Hang up” and rejoin solved the problem for some participants.

We could live with these problems with a free service but we hoped that going “pro” (although on the $1/month offer) we would have better results.

Should there be a “rate this meeting” at the end of each meeting one star would about cover it. :disappointed:

I’m unsure of why you’re having these problems. Maybe try starting your meeting with video muted and then each participant can turn on their camera once they’re in the meeting? I don’t know if that will solve your specific issue, but perhaps it’s worth a try?

Already tried that (it was the first thing we tried (all cameras and microphones off, only the moderator had his camera or screenshare on. Made no difference.
As we don’t know how long we won’t be able (and willing) to meet IRL I’m thinking about creating a new cloudserver @Hetzner (we’re already running our websites there) and take a look at selfhosting. Setting up and configuring the server from scratch isn’t a problem but nor I nor anyone else in our club has any experience in setting up videoconferencing.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestions.

Hosting your own server is definitely the way to go ultimately. I had zero experience setting up a videoconferencing server too, but a few google searches and the Quick Install Guide made me get through the process feeling like a pro. :smiley: You should definitely give it a shot. And the vibrant community here is always ready and eager to help, should you run into issues along the way.