Setup to use reservation system with tokens in docker

I am trying to set up my system so that:

  • There are no more than 5 (say) meetings at a time
  • Only users authorised (in an external program) may create meetings
  • Anyone can attend a meeting (I leave it up to the moderators to throw people off if they shouldn’t be there)

I am using the docker-compose image from to start with.

I have altered the config files in ~/.jitsi-meet-cfg as follows:


VirtualHost "meet.jitsi"
	authentication = "token"
	app_id = "BasecampGateway"
	app_secret = "401b09eab3c013d4ca54922bb802bec8fd5318192b0a75f201d8b3727429090fb337591abd3e44453b954555b7a0812e1081c39b740293f765eae731f5a65ed1"
	allow_empty_token = false
	ssl = {
		key = "/config/certs/meet.jitsi.key";
		certificate = "/config/certs/meet.jitsi.crt";
	modules_enabled = {
	c2s_require_encryption = false

VirtualHost ""
	authentication = "token"
	app_id = "BasecampGateway"
	app_secret = "401b09eab3c013d4ca54922bb802bec8fd5318192b0a75f201d8b3727429090fb337591abd3e44453b954555b7a0812e1081c39b740293f765eae731f5a65ed1"
	allow_empty_token = true
	c2s_require_encryption = false


This is intended to give me toke auth and reservations at the same time.

My authorisation server redirects the user to

The token contains:

  "user": {
    "name": "Nikki Locke",
    "email": "",
    "id": "nikki"

The jitsi server then calls my reservation program with


First question - why is the mail_owner not

The program returns


The meeting is then open, with the correct credentials showing for the moderator, and other people can join.

I hope this may help someone else who may be trying to come up with the same kind of setup. I would be happy to supply sample C# code for the authorisation server, it it might be any help.

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I have no idea. Ping @Pawel_Domas (hoping you know why Jicofo is sending that value).

could you please help with sample authorisation server code…iam looking for similar solution.

I have the same issue with mail_owner being set to an UUID@meet.jitsi, and not the e-mail provided in JWT. Nor do it use the ID set in JWT payload. In the doc it says that both “email” and “id” are valid, but where do they go?
Since the reservation system don’t recieve some email-address/ID/UUID that connects the user with the conference, it rejects it. Is this a bug, or am I missing something?