Setup the DNS


I am new to jitsi and I am setting up a server (on a laptop) to run jitsi. After two days puzzling with Docker Qnap I switched to the laptop because of all kinds of security issues (auto login with unknown root password). I believe I have done most of the work and on my laptop I can start (without certificate) an server instance of Jitsi. Now I a have the following questions (and already apologizing for asking noob questions):

  • Do I have to register the domain (I am almost sure I have). I use the following link on my laptop: But that one is obvious not know in the outside world.
  • What would be a provider were I can register this domain name or should I go for another domain name
  • What is the IP address the DNS needs to refer to (The static one the internet provider gave me)?

I have searched for an answer but was overwhelmed with the tech talk and could not find an answer. I am already estatic that I got it running on my laptop :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and support.