Setup Request for jitsi: Is this Setup possible?

Hi there. I am testing and researching jitis for a specific application. Maybe someone can guide me in the right direction or even tell me if this is possible:-)
I want to make video meetings with the following configuration:

  1. The host starts the meeting and creates an invitation Link
  2. up to 20 Participants can join the meeting but the can’t see each other. The Host sees ALL of them but the participants see only the host
  3. The participants get a link to join the meeting and desktop sharing should start right from beginning. So the Host sees up to 20 Desktops but the participants only see the host.
  4. The participants are muted but the host should be able to unmute one or more participants if required.

Is this setup even possible with Jitis (Videobridge on premise)

Thank you for your help and guidence

I am also interested in this type of configuration. If you figure it out, please let us know :slight_smile:

in its current state , not possible

Thank you master yoda :slight_smile: What part of this setup is not possible?

Thank you


Selective - host only - webcam sharing…

except 1

2,3 & 4 are not possible

Thank you for your answers!

I have a follow up:

What about the configuration:

“colibriClass”: “PinnedEndpointChangedEvent”,
“pinnedEndpoint”: “”

Where you can select a Dominant Speaker to be shown as only one on your client? This would do the trick for a Setting where
Alice ist the host of the meeting and
Bob, Charlie and Diane are participants.

So if Bob Charlie and Diane set the “PinnedEndpointChangedEvent” to Alice then the would see and hear only Alice

Has anyone done such config already?

Thank you

PINing is way to achive #2. i forgot about it. when you start the meeting make sure you select “Everyone Follows Me” in the settings