Setup of server and deployment instructions, please

I’m new here so please bear with me.

in a previous environment, we have used Jitsi as a bridge chat clients between Mac and Windows over domain users on the in-house LAN network with jabber services. But I didn’t set it up on a server and I know every user on friends list was added manually for every client app.

I’m in a new environment and want to deploy it.

We have only windows OSs. I have access to windows server or I can set up a new Linux and all windows computers on the domain.
I would like someone to point me what is the most straight forward way to install this service in the most automated way possible. I would Like to have some way of adding a bulk friend list to all client installations.

What Windows server client would you recommend for the start?
And also, I am very interested is there any way of deploying a client application with all users/friends list of domain already added. Something, like deploying the client app over a server and then adding config file or friends, a file, so I don’t have to add manually every single user for friend list on LAN manually to every client installation.

I hope I made my self clear and thanks for the help in advance.

I suppose you are talking about Jitsi Desktop. What server are you using? If you are using Openfire you can create groups and share them between users, so when they login they will have those groups in their contact list.
There is some information about configuring Jitsi Desktop through provisioning: and how to install msi packages with some params which can be used for automated deployment to users in an environment as yours:

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Hi, Thank you for the fast replay. Yes I was referring to desktop client versions. I am not using any chat protocol at the moment, just have all available server platforms to install one. Openfire it is then.
I was curious is it even possible to deploy it wide over the network like this and looks like it is. Thanks for the tips. I need to dig in the documentation.