Setup NGINX Rtmp Server for Jitsi (Guide Needed)

Hi , I have setuped Nginx RTMp module to stream jitsi meetings in a separate webpage , but when I am entering my RTMP url , Streaming just stops after few seconds and it is also not working on the main jitsi , here is my jitsi url rtmp:// can anyone check , and guide what’s wrong

Please help someone

Are you sure your RTMP server works correctly?

(How To Set Up a Video Streaming Server using Nginx-RTMP on Ubuntu 20.04 | DigitalOcean)
This is the guide , I had followed , followed step by step , and I just can’t figure out , what’s the issue

Can you stream to your RTMP server using ffmpeg and watch the published video?

Haven’t tried , can you pls guide?

Try something like

ffmpeg -re -i some-video-file.mp4 -f flv rtmp://your-rtmp-server/live/stream-name

and watch the stream using a video player

what are you trying to do? are you trying to view this on a flash plugin? where do you want the video to display?