Setup Jitsi server on local without internet & SSL cert

I need to setup a meeting server on my raspberry pi 4.
Pi connect to router via LAN cable. (it only has internet conection when I setup via terminal)
all devices connect to the router will access to the meeting by url: https://192.168.xx.xx/
when install jitsi, I enter hostname: 192.168.xx.xx as above.
I have no ssl cert for this domain. but the server is working.
After modify all config, i can make a conference on it but video bitrate just around 1500 - 1900kbps. (test with 1 source video, 4-5 participants in room)
As I expected, this will have no problem with LAN bandwidth, I try to push video quality in config.js to 4Mbps-8Mbps but no luck.
For comparison, i have another pi4, install jitsi, but connect to the internet, it have domain, and using certbot for ssl cert. the video quality follow the config.js. (can reach 8000kbps even over internet).
how can i archive best video quality with my local setup?

The video bitrate is not a direct indicator of the video quality. Sometimes it’s possible to get high quality with a low bitrate.

Compare the resolution, the framerate and the codec.

@emrah: resolution is 1080,frame rate is 24 for both, ofc the resolution of the local server not stable. sometime play as 720. but the online server quite stable as 1080, the online server delivery very good video quality, no crash, no drop frame, no mosaic…

Did you test both servers using exactly the same clients?

yes, on 2 macbook pro M1, use OBS virtual cam to push video source.

I just can assume that the difference is all about SSL. have you got any idea?

Since you can get the audio/video, SSL should not be the issue.

You can check the browser console log.
Also test it more than 2 participants. P2P can be misleading.

@emrah yes, always more than 3 to avoid p2p session.
or do you have any suggestion for my setup ?

You can check browser console logs and “ICE Candidate pair” in chrome://webrtc-internals/ tab (in chrome browser).

i got something

Statistics RTCOutboundRTPVideoStream_1737178586
timestamp 8/4/2022, 4:42:09 PM
ssrc 1737178586
kind video
trackId RTCMediaStreamTrack_sender_2
transportId RTCTransport_0_1
codecId RTCCodec_1_Outbound_101
[codec] VP9 (101, x-google-start-bitrate=800)
mediaType video
mediaSourceId RTCVideoSource_2
remoteId RTCRemoteInboundRtpVideoStream_1737178586
packetsSent 207716
[packetsSent/s] 162.51245921271476
retransmittedPacketsSent 0
[retransmittedPacketsSent/s] 0
bytesSent 222974533
[bytesSent_in_bits/s] 1389431.6758211001
headerBytesSent 4986528
[headerBytesSent_in_bits/s] 31202.392168841237
retransmittedBytesSent 0
[retransmittedBytesSent_in_bits/s] 0
framesEncoded 35505
[framesEncoded/s] 28.913259614532077
keyFramesEncoded 26
totalEncodeTime 258.813
[totalEncodeTime/framesEncoded_in_ms] 5.758620689654248
totalEncodedBytesTarget 0
[totalEncodedBytesTarget_in_bits/s] 0
frameWidth 1920
frameHeight 1080
framesPerSecond 28
framesSent 35505
[framesSent/s] 28.913259614532077
hugeFramesSent 20
totalPacketSendDelay 3806.331
[totalPacketSendDelay/packetsSent_in_ms] 38.84662576687322
qualityLimitationReason none
qualityLimitationDurations {bandwidth:827.583,cpu:0,none:376.571,other:0}
qualityLimitationResolutionChanges 0
encoderImplementation libvpx
firCount 0
pliCount 10
nackCount 0
qpSum 6073669

I saw that the limitation is bandwidth, I cant understand this


I found something wired here, i have quality limit by bandwidth but when i turn on another video stream in the room, the limit go away and video quality get high. (8Mbps for both streams)