Setup Jitsi + Rocket.Chat

Hello fellows,

I setup Jitsi via the debian install guide, everything seems to work fine. On the same machine I’m running a Rocket.Chat server. Now what I want to accomplish is to make only my Rocket.Chat users being able to create a Jitsi conference.

So I think JWT auth is the way to go for me here…? But I’m very unsure which guide I need to follow. In the Rocket.Chat Jitsi settings you can specify the jitsi domain, which works fine without authentication. There’s also the option to enable JWT, and fields for “application ID (iss)” and “application secret”. As I never heard about JWT before, could somebody please point me to the right direction how to set this up properly?


The question here is, who will be generating jwt for you? Is this implemented in the rocket chat server … then you need to set some iss and secret in rocket chat and configure jitsi-meet to use it, providing the same.

This is the doc:

Basically you just need to install jitsi-meet-tokens package and input those values, the rest should be handled from the debian package …