Setup Jitsi local development Environment and customization

Me and my team are developing a mobile-based app for Android and iOS. We are 90 percent development complete and also successfully integrated Jitsi to our app. But now we are in a stage where we want to customize certain aspects of Jitsi for our app needs. Based on the Jitsi handbook, we tried to setup a development environment and cloned jitsi meet code from GitHub and during the build process we are facing some issues in react native reanimated build task. It would be great if you could help us with that to just setup a working local development environment for Jitsi meet.

We would like to understand the issue and resolve it. Any paid support also works.
All we are looking for is to first,

  1. Setup a jitsi dev environment and should be able to build and generate jitsi sdk library. (we can pay a fixed amount for this).
  2. Then if the developer is able to do setup as expected, we can hire for contracting (hourly based) for customizing the jitsi code as per our app needs for both iOS and android and extend to web sdk later.

Please contact us at for further details.

Hello @jasSystems, I have sent you an email and DM. Please check it out.

Hi @jasSystems,
We sent you a DM. Kindly refer to that and reach us for more clarifications.
Thank you.

Best Regards,
Team Meetrix

HI @jasSystems I have sent you a DM