Setup Jigasi to recevice call from mobile phone on Jitsi-meet

Hi team,

I’m setting up jigasi on my own jitsi-meet. My SIP account works perfectly, I’ve tested with Jitsi Desktop and it can receive and dial-out normally. I also can dial-out to my phone number on Jitsi-meet. But I don’t know how to call to a conference call on Jitsi-meet from my mobile phone? I’ve tried to call to my SIP number and go to default room of Jigasi config but it didn’t work.

Can you help me how to fix it, thank you guys so much.

Your sip endpoint needs to have an ivr asking you for a number for example, than the sip server needs to add a sip header with that number and that will be the name of the conference that jigasi will join.
There are examples in the archive I will try serach for those and add an update.

Take a look at: [jitsi-dev] jitsi-meet and jigasi playing nice together?

Wow, Thank you so much, Damencho.

Hi Damencho,
I’ve setup my SIP Server as your config:
“Some IVR logic to enter a pin and then:
exten => _X.,1,Noop({EXTEN}) exten => _X.,2,SIPAddHeader(Jitsi-Conference-Room: Meeting{EXTEN})
exten => _X.,3,Macro(dialnumber,SIP/user)”

My pin is: 1111#, but it seems my mobile phone can’t connect with Jitsi-meet (web). The Jitsi Desktop works fine. Can I have another example of how to setup Jigasi on Sip server.

Thank you

This is my config on SIP server:
same => n,SIPAddHeader(Jitsi-Conference-Room: Meeting1234)

same => n,MeetMe(1234)

Sorry I forgot to ask, how can I setup the “Dial-in: +1.512.402.2718 PIN: 1593324545#” like in

Hi @damencho, can you help me with my question. thank you.

You can use the conference mapper used on or create your own.
dialInConfCodeUrl: '',

The conference mapper you can map a meeting name to a pin, then you need to implement in your IVR to ask the user for a pin, then you can query from the IVR the conference mapper and extract the conference name and pass it as a sip header to jigasi when joining, this is how it works.
The UI automatically maps conferences using the mapper, the calendar integration in the chrome extension is also using the same mapper, so it works from everywhere.

Map a meeting to a pin

*is this a custom api function hosted on a difference server that we write or is it a json configuration file to modify ?

When the IVR receives the user entered pin, what service should it call to search meetings and find the correct one? is it the Jitsi service mapper or is it a custom web service that we need to write. If so, how can it find the correct meeting?

It is a custom service you need to write. We had left the one on to be able to be used from people, so you can use that one: dialInConfCodeUrl: ‘’,

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