Setup Jigasi to recevice call from mobile phone on Jitsi-meet


Hi team,

I’m setting up jigasi on my own jitsi-meet. My SIP account works perfectly, I’ve tested with Jitsi Desktop and it can receive and dial-out normally. I also can dial-out to my phone number on Jitsi-meet. But I don’t know how to call to a conference call on Jitsi-meet from my mobile phone? I’ve tried to call to my SIP number and go to default room of Jigasi config but it didn’t work.

Can you help me how to fix it, thank you guys so much.


Your sip endpoint needs to have an ivr asking you for a number for example, than the sip server needs to add a sip header with that number and that will be the name of the conference that jigasi will join.
There are examples in the archive I will try serach for those and add an update.


Take a look at: [jitsi-dev] jitsi-meet and jigasi playing nice together?


Wow, Thank you so much, Damencho.